Zafran Hair Growth Therapy – 150ml



    Zafran Hair Growth Therapy – 150ml

    Zafran hair growth therapy Pakistan is a very effective hair growth spray. It is originated from Kashmir in Pakistan. It is a popular hair care product all over the world. It helps to stop hair loss within 3 days, 3 inches hair growth within 1 month, and new hair growth within 2 months. It is a non-sticky and non-oily formula and easily applicable to the hair. It is made with saffron and more than ten rare herbal ingredients. They provide essential proteins to the hair to grow, be strengthen and reduce hair fall. It helps to flow oxygen on the scalp that speeds up to grow hairs faster and quicker. It contains turquoise protein from amino acids. that is responsible for growing new hair.

    Zafran Hair Growth Therapy Side Effects

    It is safe and secure for the scalp and no side effects proved so far, there is no time delay for getting results. You will get results from the third day of the use of this spray. The most used and proven hair care products in the south Asian peoples. A comfortable spray formula can easily applicable to our hair. The people who are concern about their hair fall, damaged and dry hair, it is ideal for their hair. It may be a good hope for them to get healthy and attractive hair.

    How to use Zafran hair growth therapy, Pakistan?

    At first clean your hair. It may be after bath on the day. You may use a sulfate free shampoo so that there is no dirt on the hair. Then you can apply it with spraying on your hair. You can use it any time you want. Make sure your hair is clean. For best results, use it regularly.

    Suitable for Man and women