FA 203 – Focallure Pure Matte Lipstick




Focallure Pure Matte Lipstick

Focallure Pure Matte Lipstick contains essential oils of natural rose and natural jasmine is coming. Jasmine Mix Rose Essential Oil is added to the lipstick, select natural rose and jasmine petals to be distilled into essential oils, the cream is pressed through careful technology, adding essential oils, make the lipstick have rose and jasmine fragrance.

At the same time, both rose and jasmine have moisturizing and soothing functions, which can realize the lips protection while applying lipstick, not only doesn’t make the lips feel dry but also makes the lips softer

Can be applied smoothly and maintain a silk-like matte effect, matte but not dry, very comfortable after application, no matter how to overlay, it will not clump, non-sticky, lightweight and not stuffy lips, also will not show lips wrinkles

Matte colors rich in pigment, you can have charming lips with any ways, not easy to fade. Adding waterproof formula, it has waterproof function, which can meet the needs of not separation all day, and the finish is lasting. A little bit transfer, but the color will stay on your lips the whole day

Shade Selection of Focallure Pure Matte Lipstick:

  • Orange Shade:#001 #002 #003
  • Nude Shade: #101 #102 #103 #104 #105
  • Pinky Rose Shade : #201 #202 #203
  • Red Shade:#301 #302
  • Red Brown: #401 #402 #403


How to Use: 

  • First use a lip balm as a primer, wait for a while for the lip balm to moisturize the lips and then wipe off the excess lip balm
  • Apply lipstick along with the shape of the lips and blend the peaks and edges of the lips with your fingers to get charming lips


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