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B) The auditor will be likely to test the controls because of the weakness. D) The personnel department promptly sends employee termination notices to the payroll supervisor. C) Tests of controls and extensive tests of property and equipment balances at the end of the year. B) Tests of controls and limited tests of current year property and equipment transactions. A) Operations, financial reporting and compliance with laws and regulations.

It is an important step toward a successful career in payroll, sales, analysts, and other roles in the payroll industry. There will be 190 multiple-choice questions, including 25 trial test questions that appear randomly and are not counted in your score. Each question has four possible answer choices, only one of which is correct. The Certified Payroll Professional exam is required by the American Payroll Association for certification. Upon passing the exam and accepting the APA Code of Ethics, you will receive a certificate and lapel pin. To study for CPP Exam’s how-to questions about payroll procedures, the Secrets Study Guide is invaluable. Practice quizzes and exams can check your knowledge of important concepts and ensure you’re ready to take and pass the exam.

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Be sure to check the requirements you must meet before beginning the application process. When ready, your application can be submitted online or via mail. If your application is approved, you will receive an email with exam registration information.

Payroll Accounting Final Exam Practice Flashcards

Depreciation of the machinery is in proportion to the mine’s depletion as the machinery will be abandoned after the ore is mined. Describe both the similarities and differences in amortization, depletion, and depreciation.

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C) Documenting the auditor’s understanding of the client’s organizational structure. C) Modify the initial assessments of inherent risk and preliminary judgments about materiality levels. A) Determine whether procedures and records concerning the safeguarding of assets are reliable. Course Hero is not sponsored or endorsed by any college or university. Bottom Line – If your career is riding on your success on the CPA exam and you have the budget, a top CPA review course is a great option.

Payroll Accounting Final Exam Practice Flashcards

This graded 25-question test measures your understanding of the topic Payroll Accounting. Discover which concepts you need to study further and enhance your long-term retention. All of our quick tests can be taken online and/or printed. This graded 40-question test measures your understanding of the topic Payroll Accounting. Fundamental Payroll Certification Study Guide – DonnaThe information is presented in a manner that is easily understandable and free from extra fluff. I have been able to comprehend information that I could not previously understand.

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Make the commitment to become more knowledgeable, confident, and valuable by earning our payroll accounting certificate. Which of the following statements does not describe an employee’s FICA taxes and withholdings? A.The employee is entitled to a refund for overpayment of FICA taxes resulting from having worked for more than one employer. Payroll Accounting Final Exam Practice Flashcards b.The employee’s taxes are deducted from the employee’s wages at the time of payment. C.The amount of tax to be withheld is computed by multiplying the employee’s taxable wages by the current tax rate. The Fundamental Payroll Certification exam assesses a candidate’s fundamental knowledge of payroll practices. Developed by the American Payroll Association , the FPC is an entry-level certification based on knowledge, and not experience.

When there are numerous property and equipment transactions during the year, an auditor who plans to assess control risk at a low level usually performs. D) An increase in the assessed level of control risk is justified for certain financial statement assertions. Our video lessons are easy to navigate using the video tabs feature, which allows you to skip directly to specific topics. To ensure you’re ready for the exam, take the lesson quizzes and chapter tests to check your comprehension.

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The certification is voluntary and not required for practice in any state. Federal Form T4 Summary is the employer’s annual federal employee remittance return. B) Internal control deficiencies that could adversely affect a company’s ability to initiate, record, process, or report external financial statements reliably. According to the AICPA, financial accounting and reporting had the lowest passing rate of the 4 CPA exam sections. Financial accounting and reporting had a passing rate of 46.37%.

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  • B) Comparing payroll registers with original batch transmittal data.
  • B) Assess the operational efficiency of the internal control structure.
  • B) Approving vouchers for payment by having an authorized employee sign the vouchers.

The products have also allowed me to brush up on information that I had forgotten. I believe the test-taking tips will be extremely helpful when it is time for me to take the exam. I would recommend these products to anyone who is planning on taking the Fundamental Payroll Certification Exam.

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Everything from CPA practice exams to CPA exam questions. If you are looking for some more in-depth resources, check out abest CPA review coursefor reviews, discounts, and more. Our CPA practice exam and questions will help you pass the challenging CPA exam. The CPA designation is one of the most prestigious certifications someone can get in the finance/business industries. Applicants for the exam must meet a variety of employment, experience and education requirements, based on profession.

C) Evidence of a lack of objectivity by those responsible for accounting decisions. B) An auditor may report that no significant deficiencies were noted during the audit. D) Identify the types of potential misstatements that could occur. D) Study of formal procedures for handling cash receipts.

  • C) In order to be promoted within this department, the employee must have become a CPA.
  • C) Employees who distribute payroll checks forward unclaimed payroll checks to the absent employees’ supervisors.
  • Specifically, you will gain insights into the IRS rules covering overtime pay, minimum wage, Social Security taxes, Medicare taxes, and more.
  • C) Perform tests of controls to evaluate the effectiveness of the entity’s accounting system.
  • This comprehensive study guide is made up of easy-to-use and mobile-friendly lessons that can help you succeed on exam day.

This course makes the test preparation process fun and simple. Choose the lessons you want to study, review them as many times as you’d like, and test your knowledge of the concepts they cover by taking accompanying quizzes. Use our practice exams to find out how well you understand each chapter and the entire course. Around-the-clock mobile and computer access Payroll Accounting Final Exam Practice Flashcards lets you study anytime via any computer, smartphone or tablet with an Internet connection. As you learn about accounting for payroll and fringe benefits, keep the matching principle in mind. Amounts paid in 2020 will be reported on Form 1099-NEC . It’s a fact of business—if a company has employees, it has to account for payroll and fringe benefits.

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The exam consists of 100 questions and it covers financial, human resources and legal industry/business management concepts. The exam is offered twice a year at Pearson VUE testing sites throughout the United States. Test-takers are provided score results within six weeks of the exam date. A company must withhold federal income taxes from payments made to independent contractors in which of the following cases? When the contractor has not provided a taxpayer identification number and the contract is $600 or more D.

B) Comparing payroll registers with original batch transmittal data. A) Specified controls requiring segregation of duties may be circumvented by collusion. A) Analytical procedures for property and equipment balances at the end of the year.

The increase stated as a percentage is a misstatement and if calculated accordingly would result… We weren’t able to detect the audio language on your flashcards. Since I have been using your guide I feel more at ease, I am not as anxious or fidgety thinking about the test. Working in payroll, it helped me to connect the payroll dots and apply it to my daily work routine. Fundamental Payroll Certification Study Guide – AaronI really found this book useful for getting my foot wet while preparing for the exam. I look forward to understanding and studying the materials in the book to ensure a successful results on the exam. You’ll be able to see your results and find out whether you passed immediately after completing the exam.

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C) Segregation of the functions between general accounting and cost accounting. A) Custody of rate authorization records by the supervisor of the payroll department. C) The ability of the accounting system to generate reliable information and convey it in a timely manner to those parties within the organization that need it. D) Evaluate the effectiveness of the entity’s internal control policies and procedures. C) Determine the acceptable level of detection risk for financial statement assertions. B) Conditions which may result in a disclaimer of an opinion on the financial statements. D) Payroll checks are prepared by the payroll department and signed by the treasurer.

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To be designated a semiweekly depositor, how much in employment taxes would an employer have reported for the four quarters in the lookback period? A) The company’s payroll program is tested each month with test data to ensure that it operates properly. B) A check requested for an employee paid an hourly rate of $12 per hour. D) The inventory management department gets a copy to update the perpetual records. C) The internal control system appears to be well designed. B) Reconciliation of work-in-process inventory with periodic cost budgets.

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